The Healthiest Snacks to Eat Throughout the Day

 The Healthiest Snacks to Eat Throughout the Day


A lot of the problems we have with our diet is not so much the food we eat, it’s what we put on it. There are also some “satiation” issues that crop up. Below are a list of  cashew salted

foods that can tackle both issues.

1) Avocado: This is one of my favorites, for many reasons. It is full of monounsaturated fat, which is considered heart healthy. That same fat also satisfies the cravings we have for that sort of food. For those who don’t like to eat it by itself, you can use baked tortilla chips or some chili beans to kick up the taste factor.

2) Berries: These sweet treats can be eaten “as is” and be a delight. However, you may also want to consider some non-dairy fat free whipped cream if you’re so inclined. That’s especially good with strawberries. Strawberries can also be dipped in semi-sweet chocolate.

3) Carrots: Many consider this a boring vegetable, but some fat free ranch dressing can kick it up. If you add a hint of cayenne to the dressing, it can be even better.

4) Celery: Celery alone is usually about as interesting as an avocado by itself. On the other hand, there are a lot of ways to make it a delectable part of your snack tray. Lite peanut butter is heavenly, and if you want to have it make a splashy entrance, try cutting it into bite sized pieces before slathering on the peanut butter. Of course, fat free dressings are good, but you could try stuffing it with tuna or other seafood salads. We like imitation crab.

5) Nuts: This is more monounsaturated fat goodness just waiting to be enjoyed. There are now varieties that are unsalted, lightly salted or salted with sea salt, which is lower in sodium. The nutritional value doesn’t stop there, many are high in iron and other necessary nutrients. Almonds and cashews are favorites in our household, though peanuts sometimes make a welcome change.

6) Popcorn: As mentioned above, a lot of the problems with our food comes with the things we add to it. Popcorn is whole grain and full of fiber. Air popped is best, and eaten plain. However a few squirts of spray butter substitute can improve flavor and encourage more consumption. Just hold the salt shaker…



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