Home Security With Lighting

 Home Security With Lighting


When dealing with a burglar, light is one of your most important allies. Burglars fear three things and those are noise, time and light. We’ll be discussing this last element and  pir floodlight

see how you can set up your home security system to enhance the effectiveness of your lighting as well as what some of the best and some of the worst lighting security components you can find out there.

Home lighting options

You will basically have several “lines of defense” in what regards your home’s illumination. The first one is the use of outdoor spotlights and landscaping lighting. Outdoor lighting is by far the most important line of defense you’ll have as a well lit house is a certain scarecrow for most burglars. Pay special attention to the areas from which you might think a burglar could sneak in and also illuminate your doors, windows and other critical areas that could be subject of a burglary.

Your next line of defense is your indoor lighting system. This is normally composed of (mostly) your average, day to day light sources that you use, but if you feel you need extra light in some areas that could be a juicy opportunity for a burglar even when you are home but in a different area of the house, you should consider supplementing them with some extra brightness.

Last but not least, if there’s an unlit area in your house and you don’t want to consider getting a light source in there (or if it’s impossible) your last bet is a night-vision home security camera. These cameras act as normal ones during the day, but when the light goes below a certain level, they automatically turn on their infrared mode and they will virtually see every movement through the dark. Obviously, if you’ve gotten to the point where you catch a thief on tape, moving around in your house, chances are you should’ve done more to prevent this situation from happening.

Using lighting to protect your home while you’re on vacation

The old “leave your lights on when going on vacation” trick is rather obsolete, as any clever burglar will notice a house is vacant when the light is on day in and day out (or, well, night in and night out). It will also prove to be quite costly and costly is not an option for something that could very well be useless. For this reason, modern home security systems started implementing remote light controllers that can be used remotely, or even from the Internet. With these remote light controllers connected to every light source in your house, you will be able to turn your lights on and off from a distance, causing the impression that the house is occupied.



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