Why Consider an MTS Device for Drug Delivery?

 Why Consider an MTS Device for Drug Delivery?


The medical industry introduces new technologies at an increasingly rapid rate. One such technology that has gained popularity over the last five years is the Microstructure  Nangs Delivery Brisbane  Transdermal Systems (MTS) micro needle platform. Using an MTS device for drug delivery is becoming a primary technology due to the growth in biopharmaceuticals over classic small molecules. Biopharmaceuticals feature a variety of new challenges, especially identifying the ideal delivery method. The delivery method must meet both the bioavailability and efficiency requirements of the therapy while simultaneously offering a solution to patients which is noninvasive, comfortable, and convenient.

Using an MTS device for drug delivery offers the best characteristics of both syringe and transdermal patches without the drawbacks. While syringe-based injection systems are valued in the medical community for speed and efficiency, they generally do not score well on patient satisfaction surveys. On the other hand, transdermal drug delivery systems typically receive high patient satisfaction ratings; however the effectiveness of delivery is poor when using biopharmaceuticals.

From a medical standpoint, using an MTS device for drug delivery offers excellent efficacy for both biopharmaceuticals and classic small molecules. The best devices utilize a micro needle unit with a screw thread. This allows for direct drug delivery into the dermis. And MTS device has also proven effective for the transdermal delivery of vaccines, proteins, and antibodies. Along with a high level of effectiveness, this easy-to-use platform provides a significant potential for increased acceptance of new therapies.



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